Take precautions when donating money for charity

Millions of dollars are donated for charity without thinking whether the money would be used for relief work or for personal development. It’s true that charity groups spend donation to help the needy and poor but there are groups that come into existence just to make money in the name of charity.

Frauds in the name of helping others

If you are asked money to buy relief material for victims of flood then you should firs enquire about the group that is appealing you to donate to charity and then you should go through its plan to provide emergency relief to flood victims. In other words, you should determine reliability of the group before writing any bank cheque or transferring fund or giving cash money to the representative of the group.

How to determine reliability of a charity group?

There are tens and hundreds of charity groups and most of the groups are reliable but one needs to be cautious of the groups that work only for making profit by collecting money from benevolent citizens that want to help the needy and poor.

A charity group must have something like to prove its credibility. It would show its work to prove that it’s reliable. Today charity groups work online to collect from the donors from across the globe. But these groups issue receipts against donations.

Always ask for receipt when donating money to a charity group but first make sure that the group is reliable. If it has website, visit its website to see its work and if it is working without website then you should enquire about its whereabouts and projects.


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